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As a fitness and wellness professional for over 17 years in NY... well... let's just say I'm picky when it comes to who I let work on me! I have absolutely loved every minute of my acupuncture sessions with Joey! She really impressed me with her knowledge, love and enthusiasm for what she does! Beyond that she was nurturing and very patient with me during our sessions by happily putting up with my million questions!
     - Karen N.


Joey is a highly skilled acupuncturist who has an intuitive sense of her patients' needs and makes inquiries to better understand her patients' expectations in treatment. Her holistic approach along with her high level of care, generosity, calm and patient professional demeanor allow the healing to take place as soon as she greets you.

     - Suneet S.

I had the privilege of receiving acupuncture from Joey for about 6 months until I moved to Florida and had to end our sessions. Joey was so nurturing and caring that I believe it's her energy that gave me the relief I was seeking, more than the actual needles. That being said, Joey is super talented about knowing just where to place the needles to achieve optimum results. She also recommended books for me to read and offered great wisdom regarding areas of struggle in my life. Joey exhibits tremendous honesty and integrity and she takes enormous pride in her work. I highly recommend her to anyone who could benefit from acupuncture.

     - Gail W.

I have a horrible fear of needles of any sort, but I have MS that many people, including top MDs, told me acupuncture would help. I started with Joey and couldn't be more delighted with the results. She is not only tops at what she does, but also calm and kind... two important traits when working with serious conditions!

     - Jennifer M.

Joey played an important role during my fertility journey. Around my retrieval and implanting I saw Joey several times a week. She helped my body remain calm and receptive to the IVF. Whenever anyone mentions that they are undergoing any fertility treatments I highly recommend Joey as their partner during this process. She is amazingly kind, warm, informed and so accommodating. You are in great hands with Joey.

     - Kira S.

Before she moved to Chicago, Joey was my acupunturist in New York City for 10 years. She treated me for various reasons over the years, including general well-being, injuries, infertility, and throughout my two pregnancies. She is knowledgeable, intuitive and kind, and truly has a gift for what she does.

     - Corey K.

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